Refrigerant Vessels

Receiver, Oil Separator & LPR Vessel


Receiver, Oil separator & LPR Vesel: These are made from best quality material of MS Shell by Saw Welding Machine, confirming to IS: 2062 and design as per pressure vessel code ASME Section-8 with safety valve and gauge glass valve etc. & capable of withstanding of the refrigerant pressure develop during its working period.


Advantages of Saw Welding Machine


  • High deposition rates (over 45 kg/h (100 lb/h) have been reported).
  • High operating factors in mechanized applications.
  • Deep weld penetration.
  • Sound welds are readily made (with good process design and control).
  • High speed welding of thin sheet steels up to 5 m/min (16 ft/min) is possible.
  • Minimal welding fume or are light is emitted.
  • Practically no edge preparation is necessary depending on joint configuration and required penetration.
  • The process is suitable for both indoor and outdoor works.
  • Welds produced are sound, uniform, ductile, corrosion resistant and have good impact value.
  • Single pass welds can be made in thick plates with normal equipment.
  • The arc is always covered under a blanket of flux, thus there is no chance of spatter of weld.
  • 50% to 90% of the flux is recoverable, recycled and reused.