We have developed the most advanced range of individually quick frozen technology (IQF) equipment. The food freezing equipment find application in food processing plants for freezing vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, bakery and other perishable items, significantly increasing the shelf life of the products.


These equipment are ideal for quick freezing with minimal dehydration, gentle product handling and high product quality. Our range of IQF equipment includes box freezer, spiral freezer and tunnel freezer.



Box Freezer

  • Multiple retention time
  • Chill/ freeze simultaneously
  • Hydraulic operation
  • PC Control
  • R 717
  • Simple robust design
  • Reliable operation
  • High efficiency freezing

Spiral Freezer

  • High Performance Delta Airflow
  • Increase in heat Transfer rates by 30%
  • Reduction in cooling / freezing times of typically 25%
  • Low power consumption
  • Utilizes “Velocity Pressure” effect from fan discharge
  • No reduction in access for cleaning
  • Compact layout options
  • Low operating costs

Tunnel Freezer

  • Compact design IQF freezer for vegetables and fruit
  • Shift or continuous defrosting options with water or hotgas
  • Layout and design to suit individual requirements
  • Modular construction utilizing standard design components
  • High performance centrifugal fans for high thermal efficiency
  • R717
  • Easily cleaned and defrosted
  • Direct drive for low maintenance and efficient operation
  • Suitable for freezing and chilling of short and medium retention time products such as peas, beans, and many other types of vegetables and fruit.